The complete interactive group mentorship program for creating, launching & scaling your first course or membership so you can start small & grow big without stress, overwhelm, and the “I just don’t know where to start” headache

Depending on your stage of business and #LifeGoals, that may mean …

If you could add on an additional stream of revenue–so you can stop trading dollars for hours, create a bigger impact no matter what curveballs life throws you…

BEFORE throwing your money at confusing new software, Facebook ads, or a support team...

Question for the online service provider struggling to keep up with the growing pile of client work & increasing demands of your new post-pandemic “normal”...

Would you be ready to work side-by-side with an expert to implement the proven, simple steps that grow your business so you can serve your clients AND your dreams–giving you more revenue, impact & freedom?


“Brandi helped me turn my loose idea into something that could really sell.”

"Brandi has been invaluable to the success of my business, both with scaling my 1:1 services and with building a brand new course. She is so intuitive in interpreting your questions in a way that really gets to the root of what is going to move you through your roadblock. Brandi has specifically helped me through turning my loose idea, into something that I could really sell. Then I was able to fill my beta launch with her support. Most recently, I launched my course with Facebook Ads and have been able to build my email list for the first time as well as build a Webinar from scratch. Brandi really is the real deal. "

- Emily Bergsagel 

The comfortable “6-hour while the kids were at school” workday, became, the... 

“Catch up on a full week’s work in 15-minute increments in between long-distance math homework, attention span meltdowns, and sanitizing every Amazon Prime package that comes into your home” workday.

Right now, the things that used to feel easy feel like walking through concrete.

Any flexibility & freedom that came from being an online entrepreneur crumbled last year...

COVID has made life a million times harder because now you have to be all things to all people…

You’re a parent, homeschooler, child care provider, chef, house cleaner & service provider to your clients.

And even if you do have a packed-out schedule with your dreamboat clients, you don’t have the time to serve all of them and take care of the increasing needs of home life.

Every day comes with new challenges, new hard decisions, and new instability. 

You started your own business to serve people you love, doing the work you love. 

But lately, your days are defined by constant scheduling conflicts, an overwhelming workload & meetings interrupted by children asking you to help them get the snacks they can’t reach.

Your house is basically Lord of the Flies and it feels like everyone is losing in the game of Life.

So what do you do when you’d rather stay up late snuggling your laptop just to get through your workload than give up on your dreams...but there’s no way you can keep up with the workload?

✘ Take out another credit card just to run Facebook ads
✘ Cut into your profit by hiring a big team
✘ Take on MORE clients (or retainers)
✘ More client calls
✘ More funnels
✘ More offers…

In fact, the answer isn’t MORE of anything.

Look, there’s no such thing as passive income…

The answer isn’t:

But there is such thing as scalable income. 

But these days, there’s less time for client work than ever before.

I bet you’ve even thought about creating one so you can serve more people in a more accessible way BUT...

Every time you’ve looked into it you’re hit with to-do lists that give you heart palpitations and a project plan that makes your brain short circuit. Like:

⚠️ Pump out free content to grow your list
⚠️ Buy (and learn) 43 new pieces of software, then set up a spider web of zaps to make them all talk to each other
⚠️ Write 5,000 word sales pages & 30+ sales emails
⚠️ Spend thousands on Facebook ads
⚠️ Create a webinar & slides
⚠️ Set up a webinar (how??)
⚠️ Teach a webinar while praying to the tech gods that your sketchy internet signal holds out
⚠️ Hire a team to bail you out when pages stop loading, payments don’t come in, and you get a nasty email from Linda because her download was blurry

Phew... even reading that list makes me start to sweat.

As an online entrepreneur, you can scale your client work & you can scale a course or membership. 

 After becoming an honorary graphic designer, copywriter, IT support guru…

That you’ll craft the perfect marketing strategy on the first try that gives you any substantial ROI (return on investment) & ROE (return on effort) to make it worth your time?

You got into this business to get rid of your debt, not create more of it by “investing” in creating a program you don’t even know will sell.

And, who even says, after all of that time & effort…

Because this is not the season for extra projects & hobbies. 

We’re all living in survival mode & for us, anything that isn’t going to make our family healthier, happier, safer, and more secure… gets crossed off the list. 

And these days, that’s most things.

If the option was “go big or go home” we’d go home… Except we’re already there

What if you could create maximum impact & revenue with minimum hair-tearing, late-night sob fests, panic attacks, and kids yelling at you to PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN?

And I’m not talking some sleazy, get-rich-quick passive-income B.S….

Because no income is truly passive. 

BUT there is a way to:
✔️ pare down (not phase out) client work, 

✔️serve your existing clients at a premium level, and 

✔️ create an additional stream of revenue

Through 1:1 mentorship, coaching, support, and a step-by-step implementation plan.

“I just knew I didn’t really need another course…

 because there wasn’t really a course that I could find that would help me. I knew a lot about launches, I just had no idea how to execute one for myself. And that’s when I knew I needed Brandi. Brandi helped me, step-by-step, develop the framework for my own launch (I didn’t even know I needed a framework!), name it in a way that was catchy, and how to market it from the ground up... 

I was a complete nobody. Since having worked with Brandi my list has grown from 0 to 1,000 and growing. I’ve filled up my membership and continue to add more people. I want to keep learning how I can make my launches as simple and successful as hers!”

-Ashley Monk 

You DESERVE some freaking rest.

After busting your booty to get where you are now.

After creating the business that serves your clients in such a life-changing way.

After dipping, diving, ducking, and dodging everything life throws at you and still having a consistently successful service-based business…

Because the truth is…

I’m talking:

✔️ A 4-day work week... 

✔️ Clocking in at 9 a.m. 

✔️ Taking time for a real lunch break... 

✔️ Closing up that laptop at 4 p.m. and not touching it till the next workday... 

✔️ Waking up to more numbers in your bank account than when you went to sleep... 

✔️ 4 weeks of real vacation a year…

✔️ REST.

You deserve to wake up every day excited to sit down to a business that is life-giving and FUN. 

Because if you’re not happy, what’s the point?

And the most SIMPLE and stress-free path to that life... is creating a more scalable stream of revenue by starting right where you are. With that you have. And growing as you go.

As long as you have a single, service-based revenue stream, the only way to earn more money is to become “time poor”—maxing out every available hour in your schedule and hopping on the fast track to burnout.

But when you diversify your business with a course, you can use the time you already have to increase your income by serving more people at once, while leaving room to serve those extra special clients with your 1:1 services.

This is the key to doing what you love without sacrificing your quality of life, your sanity, or your financial security.

Service-Based Business Income

Scalable Income Mix

Your ability to earn money is limited by how much time you have. Taking the time to rest feels “bad” because your livelihood is tied to your productivity. 

Add a course to your revenue streams so that you earn more money & reach more people without adding more hours to your week.

Launching your first course or membership doesn’t mean you have to put the rest of your (already busy) life on hold.

Because when you simply start where you are, and grow as you go, you’re able to:

✔ Create & sell your first course BEFORE you invest valuable time & money

✔ Master only one new thing each time you launch (instead of getting a college-level education in online marketing just to get your brilliance out into the world)

✔ Impact hundreds (and thousands!) of lives, while staying present for the lives that need you the most

✔ Fully show up for the client-side of your business while optimizing the scalable course or membership side of your business

✔ Finally have real financial security & stability so that the next time your whole world turns upside down, your family will have what they need to take care of themselves and the others who need you the most.


"Brandi's teaching method is very clear. It's direct and it's in-depth. So she really made it a successful overall experience.
...I now have a very crystal clear ad approach that I can use for my clients before I always knew Facebook ads or something that I should be utilizing, but I had no idea how deep into Facebook ads you really can get."

-Allie Martin 

"...because of [Brandi], I was able to pivot my business, stay in business, and still earn an income for my family. Definitely a great investment..
With the recent coronavirus COVID-19 hit, because of Brandi's course, I was able to pivot that business and actually offer my Facebook and Instagram ads management to course creators and online memberships."

-Tammy Lensing 

"Brandi is great about showing you exactly what you need to do to set everything up and in what order you need to do things.
She gives you all kinds of great advice about what to charge and even gives you templates and things to use to get your services set up to offer it.

By the end you're able to have everything in place to be able to start taking on new clients. It really has been a great experience and I love the course."

-Dara Gloden 

From the Stressed-Out, 3-Day-Old Sweatpants Wearing, Showing Up On Zoom Smiling Like a Hostage Trying to Send a Message With Their Eyes, Service-Provider…

To the CEO of a Premium Service Provider & Course Creator Business who has the mental and physical capacity to show up for work, home, & life responsibilities while still taking care of themselves.

Sound too good to be true? 

It’s not. I promise. 

In 2018 I was a new business owner, a mom to a 5-month-old baby girl, and I was working around the clock to grow my business and be a good mom and partner. 

I used to bring my laptop to bed with me every night because I was working at absolute max capacity. 

But something changed between 2018 when I was captain of the struggle bus… and now. 

In just 2 years, I scaled my online business to 7 figures. 

And my life is basically unrecognizable—besides the beautiful blondie baby and my amazing hunky husband who I retired from his job and brought home to become Rylee’s best friend and full-time stay at home dad.

And this year I’ve made it my mission to help you have your very first 6 figure launch. 

Yes, really. 

It is my brand-spankin’-new obsession to help you scale your service-based business by adding a profitable, scalable stream of revenue to your services and launching it to 6 figures. 

And we’re not gonna overcomplicate things. 


We’re gonna keep business just how I like it: simple. 

The “launch with what ya got” collaborative mentorship program for launching (and relaunching) your course or membership from scratch in 6 doable, stress-free phases that gives you freedom, flexibility, & revenue. 


So you can:

✔ Build your scalable, revenue boosting course from the ground up in real time with personalized, expert feedback week by week

✔ Generate consistent revenue while doing what you LOVE and serving at a premium level

✔ Implement systems in your business that give you valuable time back for whatever your family needs

✔ Pay off that soul-crushing student loan debt and finally feel the weightless freedom of being debt-free

✔ Hit your first 6-figure launch by this time next year

✔ Take big, bold, brave small step at a time

✔ Become the go-to authority in your niche (even if you don’t feel like it yet)

✔ Move away from trading time for money while still doing client work

✔ Create a small but mighty sustainable support team all working towards your vision

✔ Raise your prices so you can cut your client workload in half (or more!), offer high-end services to high-end clients & generate more

AND Finally, live life on your terms

With this 12-month, step-by-step implementation program you’ll get everything you need on day one to build an income-generating course from the ground up:





✔  Beta to Biggie Framework actionable training

✔  All the System & Process Templates you’ll need for an online course business. Whether you’re writing a sales page, or launch emails, our templates have you covered

✔  Online Marketing Expertise: → FB ads training
→ Webinar training
→ Launch training
→ Business Building Training

✔  10 business calculators to help you reach your goals including:

→ Planning Your Yearly Revenue With Course Sales Calculator

→ Retention Calculator

→ Ad Spend Calculator

→ EPL Calculator

→ Webinar Debrief Calculator

✔  An online community of your program peers to keep you focused, accountable & grounded

✔  Brandi & trained coaches who show up for you daily to answer questions, provide perspective & help you avoid the common beginner course creator pitfalls

✔  Live coaching critiques with Brandi every week that show you exactly how to fine tune your course & set yourself up for growth

✔  Weekly homework review & audit so you can make sure you’re on the right track

✔  1:1 Milestone Calls after every single launch so we can make sense of your numbers, identify what worked, and adjust for the next one

In these personalized critiques, you'll get real in-the-trenches support every step of the way.

Because we're serious about helping you build a business that is flexible and sustainable.

In Beta to Biggie, "getting stuck "is not an option. 

This is a collaborative training program where you build your revenue boosting, freedom giving course in REAL TIME with expert feedback directly from Brandi herself.

And your very first session happens within your first 7 days of enrollment. So you can start taking action immediately, even if you're not 100% sure what sort of course you'd like to build.

Show up with your dreams & your raw ideas and Brandi will work with you directly to shape them into the perfect course content & launch strategy that fits your exact needs.

Weekly Audit and Critique sessions.

Plus, the secret sauce…

You don’t have to be perfect to make this program work.

All you have to do is be willing to put in the work and trust the process. And we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Welcome to the next level of high-touch mentoring. 

In Beta to Biggie, we grow together.

Phase 1- YOUR BETA 

When you do your Beta Launch, you’ll:

There’s no such thing as the “perfect” course launch...only the launch that works for you and your business. 

And the best way to learn is by doing. 

When you start small, you’re able to gain big takeaways that help you optimize your next launch. Which is why we always start with the bite-sized Snickers of launches: The Beta Launch.

✔ Validate your irresistible course idea

✔ Get crystal clear on exactly who you serve & how you serve them

✔ Create your unique plan for profitable impact

✔  Craft your signature framework

✔  Fill your first Beta with zero FB ads, webinars, or big scary “launches”


You’ll get:

→ Weekly Audit & Critique sessions with Brandi for expert feedback and guidance on shaping your course or membership
→ 4P’s for Profitable Impact training
→ Framework Creation strategy
→ Market Research insider tips
→ Naming Your Course exercise
→ Building Your Beta step-by-step tutorial
→ Beta Launch System
→ Beta Sales Page
→ “Words of Encouragement” audio training
→ Beta Debrief guide


In Phase 2, you’ll learn:

Now that you’ve filled your first Beta program, it’s time to craft your course & serve your students!

✔ Exactly HOW to build out your course or membership

✔ The specific systems & processes you need for running a 6 figure course business (and the step-by-step action items you need to plug them in ASAP). Did someone say templates?!

✔ How to create a course that leads to student completion AND success

✔ How to build a meaningful online community with your students using Facebook

You’ll get:

→ Weekly Audit & Critique sessions with Brandi for expert feedback and guidance on shaping your course or membership
→ 4P’s for Profitable Impact training
→ Framework Creation strategy
→ Market Research insider tips
→ Naming Your Course exercise
→ Building Your Beta step-by-step tutorial
→ Beta Launch System
→ Beta Sales Page
→ “Words of Encouragement” audio training
→ Beta Debrief guide

In Phase 3, you’ll learn:

✔ How to map out your stress-free launch 

✔ How to create AND fill a value-packed webinar

✔  The marketing plan you need for industry-shattering conversions

✔  How to write the right words to sell your program to the right people

✔  How to set up all the little moving pieces for a smooth experience for your students and a calm process for you and your team


Your Beta & Build phases allowed you to craft your impactful program while serving students, gaining case studies, and generating revenue.

NOW you have the resources to begin to level-up your launch game.

In Phase 3, you’re going to have the entire roadmap and all the support you need to crush your first biggie sized launch (while still taking one, small, doable step up...not one giant overwhelming leap).

Now that you’ve led the first round of students through a transformation, you’re a teaching pro. 

Which means…

It’s time to learn how to do a webinar launch! 

You’ll get:

→ Weekly Audit & Critique sessions with Brandi for expert feedback and guidance on launching your course or membership
→ “Words of Encouragement” audio training
→ Build Your Offer worksheet
→ Launch Planning worksheet
→ Training: How to Set Goals for Your Launch
→ Training: How to Plan Your Launch in ClickUp
→ ABC Launch List
→ Training: How to Create Your First Webinar
→ Designing your webinar Slides
→ Creating your webinar pitch
→ Webinar Best Practices
→ Training: How to Design Your Webinar Workbook
→ Creating your webinar registration page
→ Training: How to Create and Deliver Your Launch Emails
→ Launch Email Templates
→ Tech Tutorial: Setting up ManyChat
→ Sales Page Template
→ Checkout Page Templates
→ Training: Phases of Your Launch
→ Launch Debrief worksheet
→ Training: How to Fill Your Webinar with Ads

You’ll learn:

✔ How to create the perfect, list-growing opt-in

✔  How to strategize and run list building ads

✔  How to create your signature content for an easy content creation plan you can lather, rinse, and repeat week after week

✔  How to become known as a leading authority in your niche


You freakin’ did it! You absolutely nailed your very first live biggie launch. 

Before we even move on to the next step, let’s take a minute for a standing O slow clap. I’ll wait… 

Ok, now it’s time to focus on…


After you’ve sold and created your program, and after your first successful live webinar launch, you’ve gained some valuable insight into your marketing plan, your messaging, and your path to student success. 

Now that you’ve been able to test and tweak to create an optimized program... 

It’s time to scale it!

In this phase, we’ll focus on growing your audience with high-quality leads excited to follow you & learn from you without spending hours on social media–scrolling, engaging, and offering sacrifices to the algorithm gods. 

You’ll Get:

→ Weekly Audit & Critique sessions with Brandi for expert feedback and guidance on creating your visibility strategy
→ Training: Creating Your Visibility Strategy
→ Training: Designing an Irresistible Opt-In
→ Tutorial: How to Generate Leads with Facebook Ads
→ Guide: Creating Your Weekly Content Strategy
→ How to Nurture Your Audience in their Inbox
→ Organic Visibility Through Podcasting


As you ramp up for your second big launch you’ll learn:

By now, your course has picked up some serious steam & made a sizeable dent in your bottom line. 

Now that you’ve got a big ol’ audience full of new followers excited to learn from you, you’re going to start building out a pre-launch plan so you can take them from cold and confused to warm and ready to buy in time for your next big launch.

You’ll get:

→ Weekly Audit & Critique sessions with Brandi for expert feedback and guidance on optimizing the launch strategy for your course or membership
→ Training: Understanding Your Numbers
→ Planning Your Next Biggie Launch
→ “Words of Encouragement” audio training
→ Tutorial: Optimizing Your Launch Funnel
→ Guide: Deciding on Your Launch Rocks
→ How to Collect Testimonials with Impact
→ How to Add a LiveCast to Your Launch

✔ How to plan your Launch Runway

✔ How to optimize your launch so you can increase conversions every time

✔ How to know your launch numbers so you can set achievable goals and run after them

✔ How to turn your past wins into future success by leveraging previous student’s transformation as social proof that will leave your new students dying to experience the same

You’ll learn:

✔ How to create meaningful relationships with your affiliates for high-quality, genuine partner launches

✔  How to create your Affiliate Launch System that covers everything from managing to paying affiliates so nothing falls through the cracks while you’re deep in the throes of serving your own launch and audience


Finally, it’s time to gear up for your biggest launch yet! 

By now you’ve mastered your very first Beta Launch & crushed two wildly successful Biggie Launches…

You’re ready to add on the most profitable course launching tool out there: Partner Launches!

You’ll get:

→ Weekly Audit & Critique sessions with Brandi for expert feedback and guidance for developing the Partner Launch strategy for your course or membership
→ How to Plan Your Partner Biggie Launch
→ Inviting Affiliates to your program
→ Designing Affiliate Resources
→ Creating an Affiliate Management System
→ How to Communicate with Your Affiliates
→ How to Pay Your Affiliates
→ “Words of Encouragement” audio training


“Brandi helped me with 3 launches...responsible for over $200k in revenue!”

Working with Brandi Mowles has been unbelievable! Brandi has helped me with three launches of my course in 2020, responsible for over $200k in revenue! She has taught me how to structure my launches, what to say on my webinars, what to write in my emails, how to run my Facebook ads, and so much more. I can't say enough good things about Brandi and I couldn't recommend her more.

- Kerry Egeler


When you pay in full, you’ll get a 60 minute 1:1 strategy session with me! (Value $XX)

You’ll get my undivided attention with a one-on-one custom coaching call. We’ll go over your course idea and your audience so you can nail down your niche. You’ll also get crystal clear on your messaging, and your promise so you can market & serve with complete confidence. 

Live or virtual event tickets, recordings from live events, invited to all Brandi & Co. launch debriefs.

$2,000 FB ads launch strategy


How long is this program?

This is a 12-month coaching & curriculum implementation program to walk you through every step of your course creating & launching process through mentorship & expert training so you have a crystal clear path towards sustainable course creation success.

Last year probably looked pretty different than that 6-figure, family-traveling, 4-day-work-week vision you put down on paper before the pandemic literally rocked your world.

But that doesn’t mean that 2021 isn’t going to be THE year you finally get to live that dream board life. 

With so much instability in our daily lives, the only thing that has proven to continue growing with no sign of letting the online industry. 

People at home are wanting to fill their time with new experiences, knowledge, and education...but they might need to do it on a budget.

They are HUNGRY for the course you have inside of you. 

That’s what adding a course to your business can do for you.

A course or membership becomes a scalable asset for your business. It’s a product that requires a little maintenance each month, but only a little. 

Leaving you with stress-free work days, a business that feels fun again, and time back for family vacations and movie nights.

And you, my friend, deserve a break. 

You deserve to wake up to Stripe notifications.

You deserve to clock out at 4 p.m.

You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re only serving the clients you can serve well (and the clients you love the most).

Whether you’ve never created a course or you’ve had one sitting in your Google Drive for the last 6 months…

Beta to Biggie is PERFECT for you if:

✔ You’re a service provider wanting to create more accessible offers, a bigger impact, and life on your terms

✔ You don’t have a course yet (heck you’re not even sure if you have a good idea for a course) but you know you’re good at what you do and you just need help packaging it up for the masses

✔ You want the stability & security that comes with multiple streams of revenue

✔ You’re ready to scale while cutting back on client work

✔ You want to stop taking on every inquiry that comes your way & work with ONLY your favorite, premium clients because you’re able to focus on quality over quantity

✔ You want custom coaching and mentorship as you create, launch & market your game-changing online course

This is NOT for you if:

✗ You like your courses the way you like your Christmas trees: evergreen or bust. (I’m all for a solid evergreen model eventually, but in Beta to Biggie we’re gonna master 4 live launches first!)

✗ You just want a hands-off checklist. This is a high-touch program taught with expert coaches & course creators. We’ll walk you through every step of your 12-month journey. So if you just want a project plan to execute while flying solo, this probably isn’t the program for you.



If you’re ready to:

Easily add another stream of revenue to your service-based business without having to give up the 1:1 client work you love. 

✔ Scale your online business using simple, proven systems so you can avoid overwhelm, skip the newbie mistakes, and scale like a pro. 

Grow your service-based business to 6 figures so you can have the financial freedom to work less and make more, book a weekend away with the fam, and spend more time doing the things you love with the people you adore. 



Chances are choosing to fill out that application form or not will be the make or break difference between…

Collapsing under the weight of the exhausting, burnout-inducing burden of trying to juggle the increasing demands of client work, post-pandemic home life, and parenting

Having the blissful freedom of doing what you want when you want that only comes with serving clients you love, a fully operational business independent of your capacity, and your very first laid-back 6-figure launch.


Hit your first 6-figure launch in 12 months, even if:

You literally don’t have one extra minute in the day.

Believe me, I know that’s not just some excuse talking, and I’m not going to give you some “you have the same 24 hours as Beyonce” b.s.

Because right now, even the most high-energy go-getters are struggling. Between e-learning, everyone being at home all. the. time. (and the mess that comes with them), and serving your existing clients, it feels like the hours in the day are rapidly shrinking while the workload is piling up.

The number one thing that helped me to quit the late-night laptop burn-out and allowed me to step into the role of CEO & visionary for my business was SYSTEMS. 

Every area of my business has systems running like a well-oiled machine. From the client done-for-you services to evergreen courses, I’ve created a simple, straight-forward system to do the heavy lifting for me. 

These systems do the job of multiple people while running in the background on autopilot and allowing me to take my hand off the wheel without the fear of the business taking a hard nose dive right into the ground.

Before you even launch your first Beta, I’m going to help you set up all of the systems you need to keep your business functioning at a high level and give you valuable time back to scale your business and spend time doing the (non-worky) things you love.

You don’t feel “ready.”

While there’s no such thing as “ready,” there is such a thing as “too early.” And if you’ve never gotten a single transformation for yourself or a might be a little too early.

BUT you do not have to be an expert in your niche with hundreds of case studies under your belt to successfully teach a value-packed, life-changing program.

If you have a unique way of approaching a problem, and the ability to help even one person get a transformation, you have an online course or membership in you just waiting to bust out.

In fact, not being the “expert” gives you a big leg up because students LOVE to learn from someone just a few steps ahead of them. 

When people can see themselves in your shoes, they relate to you, and they TRUST you. 

In Beta to Biggie, I’m going to help you take your knowledge and skill and turn it into a framework that you can teach your students again and again and again. 

You don’t have your course idea yet.

In Phase 1, we’re going to dig into your special sauce and uncover the number one thing you have that students are dyyyyying to learn. I’ll help you validate your course idea, so there’s no chance of you creating a course that won’t sell. And we’ll get super duper clear on who you serve, how you serve them, and how to message your course.

You bring your genius, we’ll bring ours, and we’ll have your game-winning course idea before you know it.

Tech is a 4 letter word & you’d rather sit through 6 hours of kindergarten Zoom class than tackle the overwhelming task of “launching.”

You’re not wrong friend, “launching” comes with a lot of tech and tasks. Which is exactly why we don’t start with a big ol’ “launch” launch. 

I believe in starting where you are, with what you have, and keeping. it. simple. 

With Beta to Biggie, we challenge you to learn only one new thing at each phase. 

But that doesn’t mean you’re flying solo. You’ll get to learn & my trial and error as we teach you the most simple (and frankly, foolproof) systems and software you need to sell your course or membership where you are TODAY. 

The fear of failure is stronger than your fear of running out of toilet paper circa April 2020.

When it comes to creating your first course or membership, fear is a real thing. But “failure” is not.

There’s no such thing as failing. Only doing, and testing, and tweaking, and doing again.

With the Beta to Biggie, you get to borrow our expertise and experience as you start small and grow big. 

We’ll bring everything we know about online marketing, launching, and course/membership creation to the table as we guide you through the process.

With all of the resources, templates, coaches, support, and community you have at your’ll be nothing but 100% confident, ready, and excited to get your course out into the world.

Brandi’s genius, knowledge, and out-of-the-box thinking helped me craft messaging for a product that translated in enough sales to prove my product is viable. Her support has propelled me forward to feel confident enough to create my first full official launch! I feel so excited about my future!

- Jocelyn


Is Beta to Biggie a course or a mastermind?

Beta to Biggie is so much more than a course or a mastermind. It’s an interactive high-touch experience for service providers who want to build out a second revenue stream in real time through week by week collaboration with an expert.

In this 12-month curriculum & coaching program, we’ll walk you through 6 Phases to create, build, launch and relaunch your new course or membership. 

This isn’t a bunch of training videos and worksheets that you buy once and forget about.

(Though we DO have killer templates to keep you on track!)

In Beta to Biggie, you’ll receive personalized attention and feedback that is tailored to your goals

No getting lost in the crowd. No falling behind.

Just a proven framework to follow with powerful support, every step of the way.



No, you don’t have to have a course idea before you join Beta to Biggie. This program is designed to take your loose idea and turn it into your big idea.

We’ll help you get the clarity you need for your idea from your very first call with Brandi. Then we’ll give you the tools and support you need to get there.

All you need to get started is the certainty that you want to build a course to add to your revenue mix. In Beta to Biggie, we’ll help you develop and launch your course from the ground up.

Come with your raw ideas, no matter how small, and we’ll work together to expand them into a big & bold course that puts you on the path to freedom and flexibility.


Who is this for?

This program is for you if you are:

A service-based entrepreneur who is straight-up overwhelmed with serving 1:1 clients while being a mom, partner, friend, chef extraordinaire, and professional homeschooler at the same time...

Or you want to impact more people at a more accessible level...

If you want to add a second stream of revenue to your business so you can make business fun again, have more time to focus on serving your favorite, premium clients, and clock out in time for movie night with the fam…

Beta to Biggie is for you. 


What if I’ve already created a course or membership?

If you’ve already created a course or membership and you’re spinning your wheels trying to sell it, you’re going to LOVE Beta to Biggie. 

We’ll revisit the basics and get super clear on who you serve, how you serve, and your signature framework. 

Then we’ll go through the Beta to Biggie proven system to launch your course or membership and hit that 6-figure launch by this time next year. 


How long is this program?

Beta to Biggie is a 12-month program. 

Over the course of those 12 months, you’ll have step-by-step coaching to walk you through every step of creating a course or membership and launching it. So you’ll walk away from the program with a sustainable, scalable business asset, and 4 successful, PROFITABLE launches under your belt. 


How is this different from programs like DCA or Tribe?

Other programs will show you how to create a course then hope for the best with your launch. In Beta to Biggie, we create the course, launch it, and relaunch it multiple times in under 12 that you actually know how to scale.

The success of our students all comes down to the built-in personalized attention. 

In other programs, you’ll get thrown into a Facebook group filled with 5,000 people posting their work while hoping one of the coaches or other program participants will be able to give them some sort of help (that is, if they actually know what they’re talking about…)

In Beta to Biggie, you’re guaranteed to have the 1:1 attention you need each and every week directly from Brandi, an expert who has:

-been behind over 200 launches and counting in two years
-scaled 3 programs to multiple 6 figures
-developed a proven process for transforming ideas from seed to tree in only 12 months

Brandi will take the time to get to know you and your situation so that you can receive feedback that meets you where you are and gets you exactly where you want to be.


I really want to join, but I’m nervous about investing this much money into a program. How do I know if this is the right move for me?

If investing in Beta to Biggie will prevent you from paying your bills or from feeding your family this month, this isn’t the right time to join us. 

We’ve helped our students get incredible ROI from the very first phase of the program, but we never want anyone to experience strain on the way there. And the good news is, we’ve got resources to help you grow in the meantime.

But if you’re able to bet on yourself and your brilliance, we know how to help you get results within your first 4 weeks of the program…

Like Emily, who generated $1300 from her Beta…
...and Ashley, whose Beta launch made $4000.

Our average student begins making $1000-4000 in Phase 1 of the program. 

So you could begin to cover the cost of the program while you’re still in the validation stage of building your course.


What if I’m new to online marketing?

We’ve got you covered. Even if you’re brand-spankin’-new to online marketing. 

I know you’re a PRO when it comes to your done-for-you services, but launching is a whooooole different bag of surprises.

Beta to Biggie isn’t for course pros. It’s for newbies. We’re going to teach you all the ins and outs of how to build AND launch your course or membership. And that includes how to market it to the masses.

Inside Beta to Biggie, we’ve put together expert trainings on FB ads and all the techy bits so you never feel overwhelmed—even if you’re new to the scene. 


Will I still have time for my clients if I create a course or membership?

Yes! The best part about the Beta to Biggie framework is that it’s specifically designed to prevent overwhelm and help you design and launch a course or membership using simple methods and formulas.

In fact, you’ll create your course during your first Beta Launch (with the help of your beta students), so you can build your course on the go.

And, once you’ve tweaked it to perfection, you’ll easily be able to serve MORE clients than ever before.
We’ve got you covered. Even if you’re brand-spankin’-new to online marketing. 

I know you’re a PRO when it comes to your done-for-you services, but launching is a whooooole different bag of surprises.

Beta to Biggie isn’t for course pros. It’s for newbies. We’re going to teach you all the ins and outs of how to build AND launch your course or membership. And that includes how to market it to the masses.

Inside Beta to Biggie, we’ve put together expert trainings on FB ads and all the techy bits so you never feel overwhelmed—even if you’re new to the scene. 


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