Here’s the deal: I got tired of hearing 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs wear these dollar figures like a badge of street cred without being all the way real about how much it costs to run their business and whether that’s what they made in one year or the past 5 years. 

You may be wondering, “But Brandi, why is that anyone’s business?” 

Because I believe that if your business is built on the promise of helping someone else create a profitable business, you better walk the walk. 

It’s about how much you get to keep. 

Being profitable isn’t about how much your business makes. 

I also want you to understand that a $200,000/year business can be just as profitable (or more) than a $1 million/year business. That’s why every month I’m sharing a full breakdown of our monthly revenue, expenses, and actual profit. 

I want you to believe there’s no limit to your earning potential (because there really isn’t). 

So you can...

… see what’s possible when you chase after your dreams like a freight train.

… sharpen your B.S. detector in an industry where many are throwing around the 6-and 7-figure business claims without any context

… get the real, raw, unfiltered truth about what it takes to run a business (some months it’s wildly exciting and other times it’s disappointing and expensive)

… be inspired to create your own vision for the future of your online business. One that serves your life and not the other way around.


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