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2: 4 Things Service Providers Should Track

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On today’s episode of the Serve Scale Soar podcast we are talking about the 4 things I tracked scaling my business to 6 figures in 10 months.  I love talking about this because not enough people are tracking the things that actually matter in their business. So many people are focused on tracking things like vanity numbers, email subscribers and Instagram followers.  STOP! As a service-based entrepreneur, we don’t have to worry about all those numbers. On the episode today we will talk about what you do need to track, so make sure to listen to the whole episode!

I promise if you start tracking the things that actually matter you will see massive business growth! I challenge you to track these things for 1 month and then report back to me and let me know how it went! On to today’s episode! 

Value Bombs

  • Why you should be tracking your marketing minutes and what the heck marketing minutes even are! 
  • How much time you should be spending on your marketing minutes to bring in new clients for your business. 
  • How to figure out what Facebook groups you should be in and how you should show up when you are there. 
  • How often you should be showing up in Facebook groups– plus, I invite you in on a fun little challenge! 
  • Why you might think you hate discovery calls and how to actually love them
  • How long your discovery calls should actually be
  • How to track your conversion rates on discovery calls so you can plan for months with income dips.
  • What software tools you can use to track your revenue and expenses to make sure you aren’t throwing away money every month.
  • Why you should keep your expenses down, even as your income goes up.
  • The fourth thing I tracked on my way to six figures– and it’s probably something that will surprise you. 
  • How to avoid getting burned out and overwhelmed in your business because there is “so much to do!” 
  • How I ran my business in the beginning and how to avoid following in my footsteps
  • When it’s time to re-evaluate your business and when it might be time to pivot

Make sure to tune in to the podcast this week because I break down all of these in more detail.  I truly believe that if you track these too, it will help you scale your business. Take my challenge and remember to DM me on Instagram and let me know how you did.  I love hearing from my listeners! Until next time! 

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