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48: Burnout Is Like A Sinking Ship


Is your boat sinking? Do you feel the burnout creeping up and threatening to take over?

I wanna tell you a little secret. EVERYONE feels that way sometimes, entrepreneur or not. Burnout will happen, you’re only human, but how you prepare for it and deal with it is where the magic happens. 

In this episode, we’re talking about why burnout is like a sinking ship, and what we can learn from that analogy. I want you to be ready when the burnout comes and prepared to overcome it, not give in to it. 

 Value Bombs:

  • The value of preparing for and dealing with burnout 
  • Recognizing burnout so you can prevent it
  • Why burnout is like a sinking ship
  • What to do when you feel burnout coming on 
  • The importance of finding and repairing the holes in the boat of your business 
  • How to make sure burnout doesn’t consume you 


After listening to this episode, I hope you go out, take inventory of the holes in your business, and start fixing them. It won’t happen overnight, but don’t let that stop you from stating. Take messy action. Start repairing your business!


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