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86: How to Provide Social Selling as a High-End Service with Lattice Hudson

Serve Scale Soar Lattice Hudson

What the heck is social selling? Can you use it as a service? Is it even right for service providers? 

I am joined by Lattice Hudson, and we are jumping into the world of social selling to answer all of these questions.

Lattice is a business coach, leadership mentor and social sales expert.  She is on a mission to help women make more money and increase their impact all while living a life that they love. “A woman with wealth is a woman with power”.  

Lattice specializes in helping online coaches scale past that coveted 6-figure mark by leveraging high-ticket evergreen group coaching offers. In her free time, she enjoys relaxing on the beach, dancing to the latest TikTok trend and investing in digital real estate online!

We focus a lot in this episode on the importance of relationship-building in social selling, and I love that because so many of us think of social selling as something that isn’t authentic. That really isn’t true.

Value Bombs:

  • What social selling is
  • The importance of relationship-building in social selling
  • How to use social selling for service providers
  • The social selling process
  • How to step into social selling as a service provider
  • Tips for overcoming objections

At the end of the day, social selling is all about helping someone else, and that is no different than what we do as service providers!

You can provide social selling as a high-end service, and use the formula that Lattice walked us through in this episode.

Did you know that social selling is actually one of the first things we teach in Beta to Biggie? If you want to see that in action and learn more, apply for our training. Visit to apply!

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