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127: How To Use A Leveraged Program To Scale Your 1:1 Services

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Let’s talk about mass marketing! 

In this episode of Serve Scale Soar, I am sharing how you can use a leveraged program to scale your one-on-one services and how my Beta to Biggie students are doing just that. 

Marketing is the foundation of your business if you want to consistently grow. Whether it’s through referrals, active marketing, or passive marketing, it is essential as service providers for finding our clients and keeping our pipelines full. 

For my students inside the Beta to Biggie program, creating a leveraged program is actually scaling their one-on-one services. I know what you may be thinking- marketing for a program and marketing for one on one services is a little different, but I am talking about how you can use one to grow the other. 

I love this method for scaling a service based business. Your income doesn’t have to be limited by the amount of time you have to dedicate to clients. Creating a program not only brings you new clients, but it increases your revenue without increasing your workload. 

Value Bombs:

  • The difference in the customer journey for one-on-one services and a leveraged program
  • Why starting people with a DIY leads to more paying clients
  • How this type of marketing frees up your time and increases your income
  • Why a leveraged program helps you increase your impact
  • How it maximizes your revenue

If your leveraged program is a DIY program that shows clients how to do things themselves, this is a very effective marketing tool for bringing in new clients. You will find that you can drastically increase your revenue, number of one-on-one clients, and impact using this method. 

If you are ready to learn how to launch your beta without having a huge audience, check out my free training to learn how to get it done in just 90 days. In this training, I will teach you the steps to launching your beta before you build everything out, without phasing out your clients, and without growing a list of 1000s of people!

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