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135: From Bankruptcy To Building Our Dream Home

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This episode is one of the hardest episodes I have ever recorded because not many people know this story. I am sharing my story about how three years ago, we filed for bankruptcy. 

Bankruptcy is a lonely position to be in. There’s a lot of shame attached to it, and there’s a lot of money mindset shifting that has to go on. If you have ever been in the position where debt collectors are calling and you just can’t get ahead,  I know that it is such a lonely place because no one wants to talk about it or how to get out of it. It’s such a shameful thing in our society. 

I finally decided to share my story with a friend who then revealed that she had experienced the exact same thing. We had both been carrying around the weight of this experience alone because we were too ashamed to share. With that said, I really want to open up the conversation and talk about this topic because the more we talk about it, the less taboo it is and the more financially secure people can be.

No matter what your situation is right now, there will be takeaways for you in this episode. Tune in to hear more about why I filed for bankruptcy, how it impacted our lives and friendships, why we need more money transparency, and the importance of not letting money or business difficulties defeat you. 

Value Bombs:

  • Why no one talks about bankruptcy
  • The importance of learning to manage money
  • My direct sales experience
  • Why slow growth is sometimes more important than fast growth 
  • How bankruptcy opened up new doors for us
  • Why money doesn’t make your problems go away
  • Ending the shame around bankruptcy
  • How to react if a friend of yours is in this situation

This world has been changed forever in the last two years. More people than ever are alone right now. People are struggling with shame, guilt, and anxiety, and we need to be more open about these things so that we can be a safe space for those we care about. 

If you’re struggling with money, shame, embarrassment, or maybe your business just isn’t where you want it to be, just know that we all go through really hard things. Let’s get better about talking about them! I am right here cheering you on. 

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