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223: How to Enjoy Summer Without Sacrificing Your Business Goals with Nicole Culver

Business strategist Nicole Culver smiling with the title over the podcast episode below.

How to Enjoy Summer Without Sacrificing Your Business Goals with Nicole Culver

Summer Success Secrets: Balancing Life, Family, and Business

As summer approaches, many entrepreneurs find themselves dreading the juggling act of running a business while wanting to prioritize family time. However, it doesn’t have to be a choice between business success and family memories. Business strategist and mom of three, Nicole Culver, shares her insights on how to set up your summer for success while making time for family and still achieving your business goals.

Know Your Numbers

The foundation of setting up a successful summer without sacrificing business goals is to know your numbers. Understanding your financial requirements and having a clear view of the revenue needed to cover expenses and more provides a sense of security. Nicole emphasizes the importance of being aware of the financial aspects to strike a balance between business growth and personal time. By knowing the minimum income needed for financial security, it allows for more flexibility in planning the summer without the pressure of continual revenue growth.

Debrief and Plan

Nicole advocates for conducting an internal debrief at the end of each summer to reflect on what worked and what didn’t. This insight helps in planning for the next summer season. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of planning ahead, and not just for the summer. Regular quarterly and monthly meetings to set business priorities and goals are essential for maintaining an organized and systematic approach to business.

Reorganize Your Schedule

Adjusting your schedule to accommodate family time while still attending to business commitments is crucial. Nicole explains how she reorganized her weekly schedule and implemented a buffer day, known as a CEO day, to focus on tasks without any meetings or calls. Flexibility and adaptability are key components in structuring the summer schedule.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Entrepreneurs often fall into the trap of incessantly focusing on business growth. Nicole challenges this mindset and shares her perspective on being comfortable with maintaining the status quo during the summer. By understanding and accepting that revenue numbers might not increase, you can alleviate unnecessary stress and enjoy the summer without the pressure of constant business growth.

Grant Yourself Permission to Dream

Nicole encourages business owners to dream big when envisioning their summer schedule. Whether it’s allocating time for beach days, family activities, or personal downtime, giving yourself permission to prioritize these moments enhances the quality of your summer. By scheduling these activities in advance and treating them as non-negotiables, entrepreneurs can weave in personal time without compromising business commitments.

Effective Client Communication

Being transparent and assertive in communicating your summer schedule with clients sets the tone for a healthy work-life balance. Nicole stresses the importance of leading by example in communicating summer schedules with clients, showing them how they can also prioritize family time while maintaining business commitments.

Savoring the Moments

The core message from Nicole’s insights is the reminder not to let the summer slip away. By formulating a plan, setting realistic expectations, and communicating effectively with clients, entrepreneurs can design a summer that is both successful in business and fulfilling in personal life. Embracing a balanced approach allows freelancers to savor the moments and create lasting memories with family.


In a world where the pressure for continuous growth often overshadows personal time, it’s essential to acknowledge the significance of family and personal well-being. Nicole Culver’s advice on setting up a successful summer without sacrificing business goals emphasizes the value of planning, transparency, and creating a holistic balance between work and personal life. By implementing these strategies, entrepreneurs can enjoy a fulfilling and prosperous summer, making memories that will last a lifetime.


Here’s A Glance Of The Episode: 

00:00 Excited to welcome a guest expert, Nicole Culver.

04:13 Financial freedom, flexibility, and realistic income goals.

07:57 Reducing stress by planning and minimizing distractions.

10:27 Plan strategically, prioritize, and avoid overplanning.

14:12 Clients reflect my values, empowering and flexible.

22:24 Start making small changes for business success.

23:04 Find Nicole on Instagram for business support.


Key Takeaways:

  1. Nicole emphasizes the importance of knowing your business numbers and how it helps to find a balance between enjoying life and not being stressed about money during the summer.
  2. We highlight the significance of setting up a summer schedule to prioritize family time while still maintaining financial responsibilities.
  3. Nicole shares her approach to planning in advance for the summer, including a debrief at the end of the previous summer to identify what worked and what didn’t work.
  4. The importance of scheduling and making non-negotiable commitments to activities like beach days, lunches with friends, and family time.
  5. Nicole introduces the idea of casting a big vision for the summer, breaking it down into manageable steps, and the importance of focusing on one thing at a time in your business.
  6. Advice from Nicole to not waste life away, give yourself permission to dream big, and set yourself up for a successful summer as a way to make each summer better than the last.
  7. The emphasis on leading by example and not apologizing for creating a summer schedule that allows for both business and family priorities.

and so much more. 

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Additional Resources

Nicole Culver helps online coaches take quantum leaps in their business with digital products. She is a certified Master NLP coach, hypnotist, and mindset expert who helps coaches amplify their results by combining the right mindset with the perfect-for-them business strategy. Nicole loves to coach her clients and students so they can see beyond their limitations and open up to what’s truly possible for them.

Where to Find Nicole:

Nicole’s Website – CLICK HERE

Nicole’s Instagram – CLICK HERE

Nicole’s Podcast – CLICK HERE

Nicole’s Free Business Planner – CLICK HERE

DM Brandi @brandimowles on Instagram “STRATEGIST” to learn more.

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