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Conversions for Clients™

is hands down the most comprehensive program for becoming a Premium paid Facebook® and Instagram® ads manager. (even if you're just getting started)

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"Brandi is the best of the best. She has used her knowledge and skills to better others. She has a servants heart and wants us all to scale and soar! Brandi is extremely knowledgeable and has worked with some of the best in the industry. This is the best Ads training on the market!” 


Conversions for Clients is a step-by-step program that not only shows you exactly how to create high-converting Facebook and Instagram ads (even if you’ve never run a Facebook ad before)...

it’ll also teach you how to get clients and wow them with high-level service.

By the end of this program, you will:

  • Know exactly what steps to take to get your first few paying clients

  • Design a wow-worthy client experience that gets you out of the “admin weeds” and earns you repeat business and referrals

  • Have a basic understanding of how sales funnels work — just enough so you can see what role they play in facebook ads

  • Know exactly how to run all different types of ad campaigns, plus little-known but highly effective strategies that get your clients massive results

  • Know how to write killer ad copy (even if you’re not a copywriter)

  • Have all the graphic design knowledge you need to create scroll-stopping ads, even if you haven’t even used canva before

ANd An amazing community to support you when you’re feeling stuck, have a client issue, or you just need feedback on ad copy or graphics.

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Above all else, Conversions for Clients gives you the confidence you need to start attracting your ideal clients and get results that leave them raving about your service.

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Join the waitlist today 

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