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26: How This Mom of 4 Has Been Able to Scale Her Business While Connecting with Her Local Community

Samatha Semans serve scale soar

Today on the show I have a dear friend joining me…meet Samatha Semans! Samantha is a mama to 4 kids under 7 and is a part of the Serve Scale Soar membership and Inner Circle mastermind.

Samantha has a heart of gold and loves to serve her community through her involvement in various nonprofit organizations and her church.  She does all of this WHILE running a successful social media and FB ads business! Amazing, right?! 

I am excited for you to tune in to today’s episode.  You will get to get a behind the scenes tour of how she does it all!  Listen in to find out how you can connect and network in your own community….. While scaling your business!

Value Bombs:

  • How Samantha pivoted in the services she offered
  • How Samantha started networking with local businesses
  • Why Samantha created her own local networking group 
  • Why relationship building is one of the most important things you can do in your business 
  • The importance of finding your passion and figuring out what services you are good at 

I hope you loved this episode with Samantha as much as I did.  She has a servant’s heart and I loved sitting down to chat with her today.

Samantha is one of the amazing members of the Serve Scale Soar membership community.  If you are a service provider looking to scale your business I would love for you to check out my free training How to Scale to Consistent $10,000 Months Without Hiring a Team.

See you all here next week! Remember to go out and serve your clients, scale your business and soar into the six-figure year you deserve! 


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