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71: Best of Replay: Steal My 3 Phase Onboarding Process to Wow Your Clients and Get a Flood of Referrals

This episode is a replay of our #1 most downloaded episode of 2020! I’m so excited that this is the episode you all chose because it is action-packed! Tune in if you missed it the first time, or if you have already listened, listen again! 

Do you want to book more discovery calls, land more clients, and have referrals? Does your current onboarding process ‘wow’ your clients? Are you ready to let technology and systems work for you while you sleep?

In this episode, I will chat about how important your onboarding process is to you becoming a client magnet!  Sometimes we don’t think about onboarding until we get the client, but the truth is, you can take simple, actionable steps before, during, and after a discovery call that will build your confidence, add to your credibility, and secure your business.  Your clients will find trust in you, will be singing your praises, and will become referral machines.

Value Bombs:

  • The downside of piecing together lots of different software and programs to set up your business
  • The 3 phase process you should follow to onboard your clients 
  • How to create a ‘wow factor’ onboarding process
  • Why you need to determine if someone is a good fit even before your discovery call
  • The proper mindset when getting on a discovery call with a potential client
  • What to do right after someone decides to work with you
  • Why you need to get invoices and contracts over ASAP
  • The importance of building trust with your clients

I will detail the 3 phases of onboarding your client so that they will know you, like you, and trust you to work wonders with their business. As you listen in, determine which phases you have set up and which ones you lack. Figure out which phases you have set up already and where you might need to make improvements. 

How cool would it be to wake up in the morning and already have discovery calls on your books and all systems set up and ready to go so you can wow your potential clients before they even sign on to work with you! 

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Resources Mentioned:

Biggie Size Your Biz Conference

Dubsado (affiliate link) >>  Use code “serve” to get 20% off

Additional Resources:

Don’t forget to sign up for my free training >> How to Scale to Consistent 10K Months Without Hiring a Team

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