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88: Pivoting Your Business to Find Flexibility, Success and Happiness with Caleigh Bell

Serve Scale Soar Caleigh Bell

Do you provide a service that you don’t totally love?


Caleigh Bell is joining me today to talk about how she pivoted from a successful Facebook Ads business to running a boutique podcast agency.


We are chatting all about what it looked like to pivot in her business, how she did it, what her mindset was around it and what she learned along the way!


Caleigh loves helping 6 and 7-figure female coaches and course creators increase their impact and audience through podcasting. Her business, All Things Podcasting, was created so that business owners could have a 1-stop-shop for all of their podcasting needs. Her small team handles all aspects of podcasting including launches, management, promotion, guest management, pitching, etc. so that her clients can focus on creating amazing content for their audience!


Her family consists of her, her husband, their 2 daughters, and 2 dogs. They love getting outside and going on adventures as a family. Most weekends you can find them having game nights with friends, hiking, camping, or traveling to see extended family.  One of their biggest goals is to take their kids to as many national parks as they can.


Through the flexibility that Caleigh’s business offers her now, she is able to do all of those things with her family!

Value Bombs:

  • Realizing that the riches are in the niches
  • How to know when something isn’t for you
  • What to do when you need to pivot
  • Letting go of the pressure of being successful
  • Systems that are helpful to have in place

I love that Caleigh shared how she pivoted from one service to another and really tracked her happiness level. She is the perfect example of someone who invested in a course, learned from it, made her money back, and moved on to something that was better for her!

I encourage you to change your mind and pivot at any time in your business!

Let me know what you think about this episode. I really want to hear your biggest takeaway and what you learned from it!

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