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91: What No One Tells Entrepreneurs About Accountability

Why isn’t anyone talking about this…?

No one tells you that you kiss accountability goodbye when you get into entrepreneurship!

When you are in school, you know what time your class is, and you have deadlines. When you are at a 9 to 5 job, you have people around you, and you know when you have to be there. 

That is all considered accountability, but we don’t have that in entrepreneurship. We make our own hours, set our own deadlines and so on, so how do we make sure we do everything we are supposed to?

This topic has been on my heart lately, and I think it is so important that we talk about it.

Value Bombs:

We are 100% accountable for ourselves in all aspects of our life
Motivation and accountability don’t always go hand in hand
The various ways I find my accountability
The best ways to get accountability depending on your style

I want you to look around in your life and notice the areas that you could use some accountability. We all need it, and that does not mean that you don’t have willpower.

I love having a group setting for accountability, but you might prefer a different style. I encourage you to dig into that, and get clear on what accountability looks like for you!

If you took anything away from this episode today, please let me know by sending me a DM over on instagram!

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