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Serve Scale Soar® Podcast

148: Messaging Matters: Why You Need To Focus On Your Audience First, Not Your Offer with Brittany McBean

image of Brittany McBean on featured graphic for Serve Scale Soar® Podcast

Are you thinking about launching your beta offer?

I have an amazing, heated conversation for you all today in this week’s episode of Serve Scale Soar®. I had intended to dive into the topic of beta offers with my guest Brittany McBean, but it turned into so much more than that. We talk about building an audience, nailing your messaging, meeting your audience where they are, and more. 

Brittany McBean is a launch strategist & conversion copywriter who specializes in anti-sleazy, ethical, high-converting copy for online course creators & educators. 

She believes that Black lives matter now and always, marketing needs to help, not harm, and that it’s our responsibility to use our platforms to build up, magnify, and support historically and systemically marginalized people.

Through her research-based strategy and copy, she helps industry leaders like Rick Mulready, Brandi Mowles, and Lattice Hudson run multi 6 & 7-figure launches and funnels through clear messaging and ethical marketing practices. 

She’ll talk just to hear herself talk, but you’ll get the least nonsense out of her if you want to talk about ethical marketing, launch strategy, her journey with infertility & mental health, and open adoption. She also believes in the Oxford comma and will fight you on it.

Value Bombs:

  • Why your beta isn’t about making money
  • How to attract the right people for your offer
  • What “AOC” is and why it matters when you’re creating your offers
  • How to find advanced business owners
  • Why you shouldn’t put timelines on your success
  • Why your offer needs to be based on results, not mindset
  • Mistakes in messaging when launching your beta

There are so many gold nuggets in this conversation! I love how Brittany explains that you have to meet your audience where they are. Don’t write your copy for you, write it for them. Think of their stage of awareness and what they really need from you. Approaching your beta launch this way will help you reach the clients or customers you really want to serve. 

If you’re ready to launch your second revenue stream or scale the one you have, go to to apply to join our program or you can send me a DM on Instagram to ask me any questions you have about it. I am always willing to chat with people that are ready to jump into that second revenue stream! 

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