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183: How To Spot Red Flag Clients Before You Sign Them

Brandi Mowles podcast episode feature about red flag clients


We all know that there are red flags to watch for when signing clients, but sometimes we miss those red flags until after we start working with them because we’re blinded by landing a new client.

In today’s episode of Serve Scale Soar®,  I’m breaking down what red flags you should be looking for before actually taking on a client. I have seen this so many times with the people in my membership. They take on a client that quickly became very problematic. They weren’t able to get the results that they wanted and they ended up very unhappy. 

When we looked back at the beginning, there were usually red flags right from the start that they didn’t recognize at the time. 

So in this episode, I’m sharing 9 red flags that you can look for before you take on a client. Trust me, it is so much easier to say no to a client than trying to deal or fire them after you take them on.

Value Bombs:

  • Why clients shouldn’t ask for a discount 
  • Why looking for a “unicorn” isn’t a good sign
  • Things clients say that are red flags 
  • Signs of a problematic project
  • How to tell if they aren’t actually ready to hire
  • What to watch for when they fill out your questionnaire 
  • Setting realistic goals and expectations
  • How to set boundaries and realistic expectations

These are the 9 red flags to watch for when meeting new clients. Remember, if they have just one, it doesn’t mean they won’t be a great client. If they have multiple, you may want to consider saying no to them. 

If you can spot these red flags before they become a client, it’s going to save you a ton of time, energy, and heartache over these clients. Save yourself the trouble and spot them in the beginning so you can open up room for those clients that are your ideal client! 

What are some of the red flags you have seen when working with clients? Send me a DM and let me know! If you’re ready to scale your business to 10K months, make sure to check out my free training so you can scale to six figures with simplicity!

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