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Serve Scale Soar® Podcast

188: What You Do Matters More Than What You Call Yourself

Brandi Mowles Podcast episode feature about titles vs descriptors

If you’re someone who overthinks what to call yourself in business, I have good news for you: it doesn’t really matter!

A lot of people spend so much time coming up with a fancy name or title when they’re starting their virtual business, and they end up boxing themselves into a corner without realizing it. I want to help you avoid making the same mistake. 

In this episode, I’m taking you through what really matters, and it’s not what you call yourself. Instead, we’re focusing on things like how you describe yourself and how you solve your clients’ problems. Trust me, what you do has a lot more value than what you call yourself.

Value Bombs:

  • What happens when you get hung up on your title
  • Why you should focus on how you solve people’s problems
  • How titles can be misinterpreted
  • What you should be looking at instead of job titles 
  • How to find more opportunities that are the right fit for you 
  • Why your niche is more important than your title
  • They key to describing yourself and your services in a more powerful way
  • Four ways to communicate your value to clients

I hope you take the key points from this episode and start focusing on job descriptions, what you do, how you serve clients, what pain points you relieve, and what makes you different. Stop thinking so much about your title and I’d be willing to bet more opportunities start coming your way. 

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