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Serve Scale Soar® Podcast

187: How to Spring Clean Your Business in 5 Easy Steps

Brandi Mowles Podcast episode feature about business planning


Are you ready to do some spring cleaning?

I am not talking about spring cleaning your home. I am actually going over five different ways that you can do this with your business in this episode!

I think it is SO important to pause to compare where you are this year versus last year, and now is a great time to do that.

From automating systems to updating pricing and more, I am giving you some steps and tools that you can use to spring clean your business this year.

Value Bombs:

  • Why you need to think about raising your prices
  • When it’s a good time to get testimonials
  • How you can audit and automate your systems
  • An overview of items to update
  • Why you should be reviewing your goals and making a plan
  • How to review your finances effectively

I am doing these things in my business right now, and I encourage you to do this right alongside me!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this episode. Do you have any questions? Do you recommend any other steps? Let me know over on Instagram!

Resources Mentioned

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** This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you use one of the links to purchase. This helps keep the podcast going and I only share products I have used, tested and love.”

Additional Resources

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