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Serve Scale Soar® Podcast

200: Toasting 200 Episodes: Top 10 Insights & Highlights from the Serve Scale Soar® Podcast

title of podcast: Toasting 200 Episodes: Top 10 Insights & Highlights from the Serve Scale Soar Podcast. With image of women with wine glasses cheersings and confetti coming down.


Celebrating 200 Episodes Of The Serve Scale Soar® Podcast 

 In this special episode, titled “Toasting 200 Episodes: Top 10 Insights & Highlights,” your host Brandi Mowles celebrates the incredible milestone of reaching 200 episodes. Get ready for a toast-worthy recap of the most impactful moments and lessons learned throughout this journey.

I’ll kick things off by shedding light on the vital connection between serving your audience and being comfortable with selling, reminding us that finding our conversion story in moments of challenge, trauma, or adventure can help us connect with and convert our ideal clients.

Personal growth takes center stage as I share how investing in myself has not only benefited my family and business but also my incredible Serve Scale Soar® community. Live events provide the fulfillment needed to serve others at a higher level, and my emphasis on happiness over financial revenue drives my decision-making process, as seen in my choice to shut down a program that was causing burnout.

So, grab a glass of bubbly and join us in toasting 200 incredible episodes of the Serve Scale Soar® Podcast. From business insights to personal growth, this episode has it all. Get ready to raise your glass and celebrate your journey to serving, scaling, and soaring in your own entrepreneurial endeavors. Cheers!

Here’s A Glance Of The Episode:

(00:00 – 06:02): 10 Lessons I Learned in 2021 – Celebrating 200 Episodes of the Serve Scale Soar 
(06:02 – 11:48): The 4 Lessons I Learned From My Most Downloaded Podcast Episodes in 2021 
(11:49 – 17:11) 125: How to Create a Conversion Story to Increase Sales with Colin Boyd
(17:11 – 23:22): Increase Your Sales Through Crafting a Conversion Story

(23:22 – 29:38): Unlock Your Potential in 2022 with Premium Services 
(29:38 – 35:17):  Increase Your Revenue and Find Clients Using Tiny Offers 
(35:17 – 39:40): 200 Episodes of The Mind Your Business Podcast: The Most Popular Takeaways.


Key Takeaways:

  • Some years are about consistency, not always growth.
  • Find the planning method that works for you to reduce feelings of overwhelm.
  • Understand the needs of your audience to focus and build your conversion story.
  • Setting boundaries for effective time management
  •  Building a supportive community
  • Find success by niching down and specializing in one service.
  • Slowing down to speed up
  • Starting to create wealth now instead of waiting

and so much more. 

Join Brandi Mowles, where you’ll gain valuable insights into overcoming the invisible time thief. Discover how to reclaim your time, boost productivity, and achieve the success you deserve. Don’t forget to share your own tips and takeaways from this episode to serve as inspiration for others.

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  8. 124: Should You Start a Podcast? with Stephanie Judice
  9. 133: Finding Time To Do It All
  10. 126: 10 Lessons Learned in 2021


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