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74: 10 Lessons I Learned Scaling to $1 Million


Do you want to scale your business in 2021? 


Today I’m teaching you the 10 things I learned scaling to $1 million in 2020. This is going to be a super fun episode with lots of reflection happening for both you and me. 


Now, here’s the deal. If you’re thinking, “Brandi, I’m not even to six figures yet, a million is not on my radar, this episode isn’t for me,” don’t tune out! 


You will be able to take a lot of the lessons in today’s episode and apply them to your business right now. This will help you avoid some of the same mistakes I made along the way. 


Value Bombs:


  • You don’t need the fancy bells and whistles to grow your business
  • Vanity metrics don’t mean anything 
  • How to use Instagram more effectively 
  • Why the quality of your followers is more important than the quantity 
  • The power of loving your people hard 
  • The importance of knowing your numbers
  • Why you should do a time study 
  • Don’t be afraid to shout your goals from the rooftop
  • Why you shouldn’t get hung up on the how
  • Knowing that community is everything 
  • Listening to your gut
  • Doing more of what lights you up
  • Not being afraid to show up as you are


I hope you take the time to tune in to this special episode.   It was so good to reflect on the past year and see how far things have come-  To look at what worked and what didn’t.  It allowed me to think about what I want 2021 to look like as well. 

I hope you are as excited about 2021 as I am!  I would love for you to reach out to me on IG @brandimowles and let me know what your goals for 2021 are!  Tell me what you are working on and where you are struggling.  I would love to help push you past your fears so this can be your best year yet! 

Thanks for joining me for this reflection.



Resources Mentioned: 


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Episode 72: November Income Report and My Exciting Announcement! 



Additional Resources:


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Meet Brandi

Brandi Mowles is the host of the Serve Scale Soar podcast which is a podcast dedicated to helping service-based entrepreneurs scale their online business to five-figure months so they can soar into six-figure years. Brandi is a wife, mom and in less than one year, created a six-figure business.   Now she is spilling all her secrets so you can too.



74: 10 Lessons I Learned Scaling to $1 Million


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