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193: How To Confidently Charge Premium Prices With Merel Kriegsman

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Ready to talk about premium prices?

This is one of my favorite topics and in this episode of Serve Scale Soar®, it takes a little bit of a twist in the best possible way. I sat down with Merel Kriegsman to talk about charging premium pricing so that you can provide for your family and not have to worry about if you can pay the bills. 

Merel Kriegsman, Women’s Wealth Advocate, is dedicated to helping you become the wealthiest woman in your lineage. A former cleaning lady turned self-made Millionaire Matriarch, she believes that the most powerful thing we can do for our children is to become unapologetic female leaders who fearlessly demand what they’re worth AND GET IT.

Her insights, based on helping 1000+ women step into SELF-FUNDED wealth, have been featured on CBS News, ABC News, and in publications like Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and Good Housekeeping.

Spot her in the wild on her organic farm in Canada, reading erotic novels in a 1920s lace dress and rubber boots.

Value Bombs:

  • What your price point should feel like 
  • What to do if you feel stuck in your pricing 
  • Why your positioning matters when it comes to pricing
  • Setting boundaries and expectations so that you stay in charge
  • Advocating for ourselves in our business and lives
  • How charging your worth can influence your children
  • The daily practice Merel has that inspires creativity
  • Handling guilt as mothers and business owners

I hope you enjoyed this episode with Merel! It went in a completely different direction than I thought it would in the best way possible. If you want to learn more from Merel, make sure to check out Wealth Whispers and follow her on Instagram.

If you are ready to raise your prices and scale your business, head over to to register for our free training on how to scale to 10K months consistently without hiring a team.

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