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203: The One Ad Every Client Needs: Discover the Power of “Billboard” Ads

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The One Ad Every Client Needs: Discover the Power of “Billboard” Ads

How Utilizing Billboard Ads Can Benefit Your Client’s Marketing Strategy

In this episode of the Serve Scale Soar podcast, host Brandi Mowles discusses the significance of utilizing billboard ads as a key component of a successful ad strategy. Referred to as the “number 1 ad you should be running for every client no matter what industry, niche, or budget,” Brandi emphasizes the effectiveness of billboard ads in building brand awareness, fostering audience engagement, and lowering ad costs. Let’s dive into the practical insights provided in this episode and explore how incorporating billboard ads can benefit your client’s marketing strategy.

What is a Billboard Ad?

Brandi introduces the concept of a billboard ad, also known as awareness ads, content ads, or audience-building ads. She emphasizes the importance of these ads in capturing the attention of potential customers and building brand recognition. The strategy behind billboard ads resonates with traditional marketing principles, where the focus is on creating brand recall and fostering brand awareness without necessarily prompting a direct call to action.

Building Know, Like, and Trust

One of the core benefits of running billboard ads is the opportunity to build know, like, and trust with the target audience. By consistently exposing the audience to the brand’s values and products, businesses can establish a sense of trust and familiarity with potential customers. Brandi emphasizes the importance of aligning the messaging with the audience’s values and pain points to build authentic connections and trust, ultimately leading to increased purchase likelihood.

Testing Audience and Messaging

Brandi highlights the practicality of using billboard ads to test audiences and messaging at an affordable cost. By allocating a small daily budget, businesses can assess audience engagement metrics such as video watch time, comments, and likes. This approach allows for data-driven decision-making, enabling businesses to refine their messaging and understand which content resonates the most with their target audience.

Building On-Platform Audiences

In the era of evolving privacy regulations, Brandi stresses the significance of leveraging billboard ads to build on-platform audience engagement. With the limitations imposed by changes such as iOS 14, businesses can capitalize on running ads that contribute to the growth of on-platform activities. This not only supports retargeting efforts but also enhances the quality of audience data, facilitating more precise targeting and improved ad performance.

Lowering Ad Costs and Seasoning Your Account

The lasting impact of billboard ads lies in their ability to lower ad costs and season the account for long-term growth. Brand awareness ads, such as billboard ads, serve as an investment in sustained business growth and resilience amid changing market scenarios. By maintaining stability and consistent ad presence throughout the year, businesses can foster a favorable rapport with advertising platforms, ultimately contributing to lower ad costs and improved ad account performance.

Incorporating Billboard Ads into Your Strategy

Implementing the insights from this episode, businesses can incorporate billboard ads into their ad strategies, irrespective of their industry or budget. The emphasis on long-term brand building, audience engagement, and cost-effective testing makes billboard ads a versatile and powerful tool for businesses aiming to enhance their marketing impact. By aligning with traditional marketing principles and adapting them to the digital landscape, businesses can establish a strong foundation for sustainable growth and resilience.


Brandi’s expert insights shed light on the effectiveness of billboard ads as a fundamental component of a comprehensive ad strategy. By embracing the principles of brand awareness, audience engagement, and strategic testing, businesses can leverage billboard ads to foster lasting brand recognition and drive long-term growth. The podcast episode serves as a valuable resource for businesses and marketers seeking to enhance their ad management strategies and maximize their advertising ROI. Embracing the power of billboard ads presents an opportunity for businesses to elevate their brand presence, build audience trust, and lower ad costs, positioning them for sustainable success in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Here’s A Glance Of The Episode: 

03:01 Intro to billboard ads: traditional marketing approach.

09:10 Establish top-of-funnel presence builds trust.

12:19 Test small audiences and messaging cheaply.

13:26 Test ads to see what audience wants.

16:39 Building trust and stable advertising strategy are crucial.

19:45 Focus on long-term, not short-term gains.

Key Takeaways:

1. “Billboard ads” are the number 1 ad that should be run for every client, regardless of industry, niche, or budget.

2. The purpose of billboard ads is to increase brand awareness and audience building, with a focus on traditional marketing principles.

3. The ad campaign objective should be engagement, not awareness, to introduce new audiences to the client or their brand.

4. It’s recommended to start with a $5 per day per ad set budget for billboard ads.

5. Video content is highly recommended for billboard ads as it helps to build know, like, and trust, and adds value to the audience’s feed.

6. Running billboard ads allows for testing of audiences and messaging at a low cost before moving into more significant campaigns or launches.

7. Building on-platform audience activity through billboard ads helps in retargeting and creating lookalike audiences, especially in the current era of decreased data availability through social media platforms.

8. Consistent running of billboard ads 365 days a year can lead to lower ad costs and better ad account performance, in contrast to sporadic ad spending.

9. Billboard ads are focused on long-term growth and brand resilience, rather than short-term gains or immediate results.

10. Implementing a billboard ad strategy can have a significant impact on an account’s performance, and it’s a recommended action for ad management professionals to take.

and so much more. 

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