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204: How To Price Your Ad Management Services

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How To Price Your Ad Management Services

Understanding the Importance of Proper Pricing for Ad Managers

In this episode of the Serve Scale Soar podcast, host Brandi Mowles dives into the critical aspect of pricing for ad management services.

Your pricing strategy will determine the success or failure of your ad management business. It takes the same amount of effort to run ads for clients paying lower fees as it does for those paying higher fees, making it vital for ad managers to price their services appropriately. And wouldn’t you rather work with fewer clients and make more than have too many clients and make less?

In this episode, I’ll go deep into the three primary pricing methods for ad managers and the importance of choosing the right strategy for profitability and business growth.

1. The Importance Of Pricing Strategies For Ad Managers 

One of the most common questions in ad management is how to price your services effectively. In our latest podcast episode, we addressed this by discussing three popular pricing strategies in the realm of ad management. These are not just theoretical concepts; they are practical, tested, and proven and the ones you’ll see most ad managers offering. 

3 Pricing Methods For Ad Managers 

1. Flat Rate Fee: A Simple Yet Effective Start

A flat rate fee is an excellent starting point for those new to ad management. It simplifies the process by offering a single package at a consistent price. For instance, a standard rate of $1,500 per month for all clients can be a solid baseline. This simplicity is not just about pricing but also about the clarity it offers to your clients.

2. Package Pricing: Tiered Approach

The second method we explored is package pricing, a tiered approach that provides different levels of service at varying prices. This model can be based on the ad spend or specific services offered, such as ad copy creation. While more complex than a flat rate, it offers flexibility and can cater to a broader range of client needs.

3. Percentage of Ad Spend: A Performance-Based Model

Lastly, the percentage of ad spend model links your fee to the client’s advertising budget. This method is more suitable for ad managers with experience and clients with significant ad budgets. It aligns your earnings with the results you deliver, making it an attractive option for both parties.

2.  The Pitfall to Avoid: Conditional Payment Method

While discussing effective ad pricing models, it’s essential to highlight the pitfalls. One particular method we advise against is conditional payment, where you don’t get paid until results are achieved. This approach often leads to complications and is not recommended, especially for those just starting in ad management.

3. Setting A Competitive Starting Rate

An important aspect of pricing for ad managers is setting a competitive starting rate. We strongly believe in not undervaluing your services. A minimum fee of $1,000 is advisable, with a recommended starting rate of around $1,500 to $2,000 as you gain more experience and confidence in your abilities.



Brandi’s insights provide valuable guidance for ad managers seeking to establish their pricing strategies for long-term success. By understanding the nuances of each pricing method and the potential pitfalls to avoid, ad managers can make informed decisions to set sustainable pricing structures for their services. Ultimately, the podcast episode underscores the importance of proper pricing in positioning ad management businesses for growth, profitability, and success in the competitive industry landscape.

In summary, effective pricing is pivotal for ad managers to not only attract clients but also to ensure profitability and business sustainability. Brandi’s expertise sheds light on the significance of choosing the right pricing method, providing ad managers with valuable insights to navigate this critical aspect of their business strategy.

By aligning their pricing strategy with their business goals and client needs, ad managers can lay a solid foundation for long-term success and growth.

If you are an ad manager or considering venturing into the ad management business, it’s crucial to properly evaluate and implement a pricing strategy that reflects the value you bring to your clients and supports the growth and sustainability of your business.

Overall, understanding and effectively implementing pricing strategies are essential for ad managers to thrive in the competitive landscape, deliver exceptional results for their clients, and achieve their business objectives.


Here’s A Glance Of The Episode: 

00:00 Pricing strategy crucial for success in business.

05:59 Simplified pricing models: uniform, tiered, percentage-based.

06:46 Client ad spend & your fee calculation.

10:12 Facebook ad complexity, tracking, and fair compensation.


Key Takeaways:

  1. Pricing your ad management services is crucial for the success of your business.
  2. It’s not advisable to start with a price lower than $1,000, and aiming for a starting rate of at least $1,500 to $2,000 is suggested.
  3. Three common pricing methods for ad management services include flat rate retainer, package pricing tiered approach, and percentage of ad spend.
  4. Starting with a flat rate fee is recommended for those just getting started as it keeps things simple.
  5. The package pricing tiered approach involves offering different tiers of services at different prices.
  6. Percentage of ad spend is a method where fees are calculated based on a percentage of the client’s ad spend, which can be more complex, especially for newer ad managers.
  7. It is discouraged to adopt a conditional payment method where ad managers are only paid based on client results, as it can lead to working for free and involves a lot of logistical challenges.
  8. Hourly pricing is not recommended in the ad management space.
  9. Properly pricing your services can make or break your business as an ad manager.
  10. It is important to learn how to properly price services to see business growth and avoid failure.

and so much more. 

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