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206: Reels Ads: Crafting Engaging Video Ads with or Without Client Participation

Reels Ads: Crafting Engaging Video Ads with or Without Client Participation

Why Reels Ads are Essential When Running Meta Ad Campaigns

In the digital marketing world, the use of video content has become increasingly vital for businesses looking to engage their audience and capture their attention. With the rise of short, snappy, and engaging content, such as Reels, the game for ad managers and agencies is continually evolving. 

In this week’s episode of the Serve Scale® podcast, we’ll explore the importance of Reels ads, how to involve clients in the creative process, and strategies for creating effective Reels ads with or without client involvement.

The Rise of Reels Ads

Reels are changing the game for ad management, with over 200 billion views on Instagram and Facebook daily. It’s estimated that Reels are generating significant revenue for platforms and are a key focus for ad content. 

In today’s digital landscape, Reels have become a significant part of the marketing strategy, and incorporating them into ad campaigns is essential for lowering ad costs and maximizing client results.

Involving Clients in Reels Creation

Getting clients involved in the reel creation process can enhance the authenticity and relatability of the content. Hosting brainstorming sessions with clients allows for a collaborative effort in generating ideas and content that resonates with their brand and audience. It’s crucial to encourage clients to provide raw footage, b-roll, or behind-the-scenes clips, as this adds a personal touch to the content and helps in building genuine connections with their audience. 

Providing clients with tips for recording and showcasing the importance of their involvement can motivate them to participate.

Overcoming Client Resistance

However, client resistance to creating video content is common. Clients may have fears about being on camera, not feeling tech-savvy, or thinking that they need to perform specific actions like dancing for success.

 To overcome this resistance, ad managers can help clients feel prepared, show them examples of successful content, and start with small and achievable steps. If clients are still resistant, alternative approaches such as using stock footage or b-roll can be utilized to fulfill the algorithm’s demands while keeping clients comfortable.

Creating Effective Reels Ads Without Client Involvement

When clients are not able or willing to provide footage, leveraging b-roll and stock footage becomes a viable solution. Ad managers can curate a collection of inspiring Reels, source appropriate stock footage, and utilize tools like Canva to create engaging content. These Reels ads can be tailored to match the client’s branding and venture into dynamic elements using Canva’s features and functionalities.

Outsourcing and Additional Tools

For ad managers who are not adept at video editing or prefer to outsource this aspect, platforms like Canva offer user-friendly tools for creating Reels ads. Additionally, outsourcing video editing to freelancers or professionals is a feasible option to ensure high-quality content creation.


The evolution of digital marketing and the advent of Reels have transformed the landscape for ad managers and agencies. Incorporating Reels ads into ad campaigns is crucial for achieving lower ad costs and maximizing client results. By involving clients in the creative process, addressing client resistance, and utilizing stock footage and editing tools, ad managers can create compelling and engaging Reels ads that effectively represent their clients’ brands and resonate with their target audience. 

Whether working with clients’ footage, b-roll, or stock footage, the ultimate goal is to create authentic, relatable, and impactful Reels ads that capture attention and drive results.

Here’s A Glance Of The Episode: 

00:00 Reels transforming video marketing, creating new opportunities.

03:32 Packed episode on creating Reels with client involvement.

07:03 Brainstorm Session With Client.

10:35 Encouraging natural, real, and raw video content.

13:38 Set a 30-minute timer, search for inspiring Reels.

18:57 Outsource editing, use Canva for customization.

20:00 Create Reel Ads, client collaboration, strong messages.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Reels are a powerful tool for advertising, with over 200 billion reels played across Instagram and Facebook every day.
  2. Reels are estimated to generate about 10 billion in revenue annually for meta and are a focus for ad managers and agencies.
  3. Encouraging client involvement in reel creation involves brainstorming sessions, gathering raw footage, and providing recording tips.
  4. When clients resist participating in video creation, ad managers can leverage b-roll and stock footage to create engaging ads without their involvement.
  5. Creating reel ads using tools like Canva or outsourcing the editing process can be effective for ad managers.
  6. Reel ads require a collaborative effort between ad managers, clients, and possibly outsourced video editors.
  7. A strong hook is crucial for reel ads, and messaging matters more than visuals.

and so much more. 

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