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207: Maximizing Efficiency: 5 Essential Processes For Ad Managers

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Maximizing Efficiency: 5 Essential Processes For Ad Managers

A Comprehensive Guide to Streamlining Your Ad Management Business.

As an ad manager or freelancer, feeling overwhelmed by the constant demands of managing ad campaigns, sending invoices, and keeping up with client communication is way more common than you think. 

In this episode of the Serve Scale Soar® podcast, we dive into the essential processes that can transform your business, making it more efficient and effective. From client onboarding to professional development and learning schedules, these 5 essential processes will empower you to work smarter, not harder (KISSweetie), and reclaim your time.

Client Onboarding System:

The first essential process is the client onboarding system. Starting the onboarding process the moment a potential client expresses interest is super important. This system sets the tone for the entire client relationship, impacting future referrals and client satisfaction. By automating and templatizing steps, ad managers can create a smooth and flawless onboarding process, ultimately saving time and creating a positive first impression.

Ad Campaign Planning and Setup Workflow:

The ad campaign planning and setup workflow involves three crucial areas: planning campaigns, setting up campaigns, and monitoring campaigns. With my full, repeatable method for planning campaigns known as the strategy octagon, an ad manager can create a clear game plan that is essential to avoid missteps and have a successful campaign setup. And having standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place for setting up and monitoring campaigns allows anyone to be able to execute these tasks accurately and with consistency.

Reporting System:

Efficient reporting is vital for ad managers to provide valuable insights to clients and monitor the performance of ad campaigns. Implementing tools and routines for regular monitoring and performance tracking, whether using automated reporting tools, dashboards, or a simple Google Sheet, is a must. Having a consistent reporting format not only saves time but also ensures clients are well informed and happy with the results.

Client Communication Protocol:

Establishing clear guidelines for client communication is so important in managing client expectations and keeping projects on track. By defining response time frames for emails, messages, and other forms of communication, setting boundaries, and communicating these early and clearly, ad managers can avoid being on call 24/7, which leads to better client satisfaction and a healthier work-life balance.

Professional Development and Learning Schedule:

The ads industry is always changing which means that continuous learning is crucial for ad managers to stay ahead and offer top-notch services to clients. Setting aside dedicated time for learning new platform changes, attending webinars, and participating in relevant online courses is essential to an ad manager’s success. By investing in professional development, ad managers can position themselves as sought-after experts and ensure they are well-equipped to meet their clients’ needs effectively.


Mastering these 5 essential processes can significantly transform an ad manager’s business by streamlining their operations, saving time, and delivering exceptional results for their clients. 

Having these processes not only maximizes efficiency but also positions ad managers for long-term success and growth in the ad industry. From client onboarding to professional development, these processes are the cornerstone of a successful and efficient ad management business. And by embracing these processes, ad managers can work smarter, not harder, and position themselves for long-term success. Remember Keep It Simple Sweetie.

Here’s A Glance Of The Episode: 

00:00 Ad managers and freelancers need to create efficient processes.

03:23 Essential ad management processes, client onboarding system.

06:55 Stats show the importance of first impressions and onboarding. Also, the ad campaign planning and setup process.

13:04 Clear communication and boundaries maintain work-life balance.

14:05 Firm client communication protocol is vital for success.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Having processes in place can save time, create predictability, and make an ad management business more effective.
  2. Client onboarding is essential, starting from the moment a potential client shows interest and extending to the 1st kickoff call, a process that can take 7 to 30 days and needs to be automated and templatized.
  3. Ad campaign planning requires a repeatable full method for planning campaigns, setting up campaigns, and monitoring campaigns, each supported by standard operating procedures (SOPs). Having processes and workflows ensures that nothing is missed, clients get results, and ad managers do not disappoint them.
  4. Implementing a reporting system that includes regular monitoring and performance tracking of ad campaigns to provide valuable insights for clients and maintain efficiency.
  5. Allocating time for professional development and learning, such as staying up to date with the latest updates, features, and changes on platforms through reading, attending webinars, or participating in online courses.
  6. Clear client communication protocols help manage client expectations, keep projects on track, and provide work-life balance by establishing boundaries and response times.

and so much more. 

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