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210: Ad Manager To Growth Consultant: Mapping Your Meta Ad Career Path

Brandi talking to laptop with Ad Manager To Growth Consultant: Mapping Your Meta Ad Career Path below.

Ad Manager To Growth Consultant: Mapping Your Meta Ad Career Path

Understanding the Path to Success in the Ad Management Industry

As an ad manager, the career path can be a promising journey filled with opportunities for growth and advancement. In this blog post, we will cover the various levels of the ad management career path, discussing the skills required, earning potential, and strategies for finding clients. Additionally, we will explore how ad managers can progress to the role of ad strategist and eventually transition into the position of a growth consultant. Let’s map out the career path and discover the keys to success in ad management.

The Role of an Ad Manager

As an ad manager, it’s essential to possess a diverse set of skills to excel in this role, from understanding how to run meta ads to having excellent communication skills and being detail-oriented or proficient in project management tools. The ability to market services effectively and demonstrate resilience in the face of challenges is crucial for success in this position.

Earning Potential and Finding Clients

Having the goal of reaching a yearly income of $100,000 as an ad manager is more than achievable as an ad manager in today’s online space, and this is often manageable with just five clients. When it comes to finding clients, direct outreach, referrals, and attending networking events are effective methods. Focusing on one client acquisition method for at least 45 days will help to secure the first or next client successfully.

Transitioning to Ad Strategist

The role of ad strategist represents the next significant leap in an ad manager’s career. Ad strategists focus on comprehensive campaign planning, strategic insights, higher-level strategies and insights, and in-depth analysis, charging between $2,000 to $5,000 per month or a flat rate fee plus a percentage of ad spend. With the right tools and expertise, ad managers can transition to this position rapidly, unlocking a substantial pay increase.

Skills and Qualities of an Ad Strategist

To thrive as an ad strategist, one must possess expert knowledge in ads and funnels, alongside the ability to bring creative ideas and strategies to the table. Elevating your expertise in funnels, and being adept at strategic planning, are essential qualities for fulfilling the demands of this role effectively. We have ad strategists securing $18,000 contracts by showcasing their strategy skills and expertise demonstrating the potential for significant growth in this position.

The Role of a Growth Consultant

As ad managers progress in their careers, the role of a growth consultant presents an enticing opportunity for exponential growth. This role focuses on consulting businesses on overall growth plans. The earning potential for growth consultants is notably higher, typically ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 per month, with a three-month commitment. Success as a growth consultant has the potential to earn over $250,000 a year while working fewer than 10 hours per week.

Becoming a Successful Growth Consultant

Becoming a successful growth consultant requires expert-level knowledge of digital marketing and advertising, a strong personal brand and professional network, exceptional communication skills, and the ability to see the big picture and guide businesses toward sustainable growth. Moreover, cultivating boundaries and communicating effectively with clients is essential for maintaining a successful consulting practice.

The Agency Model and Future Prospects

The progression from ad manager to growth consultant may also involve the incorporation of the agency model. However, it’s crucial to consider a certain level of revenue and profit margin before exploring this option. As ad managers ascend the career ladder, the agency model can open new avenues for expanding services and increasing business growth.


The career path for ad managers offers a wealth of opportunities for growth and advancement. By honing their skills, demonstrating resilience, and seizing opportunities to transition to higher-level roles, ad managers can expand their earning potential and cultivate a rewarding career in the dynamic field of ad management.

The potential for significant growth at each stage of the career path is inspiring as ad managers pursue their aspirations and unlock their full professional potential in the ad management industry.

Here’s A Glance Of The Episode: 

00:00 Career path for ad manager in detail.

05:17 Frustrated realization leads to new career path.

08:06 Starting earning potential

11:53 Ad manager to ad strategist: career progression.

13:54 Ad strategists can find high-paying clients.

17:49 Empowering ad strategist lands key client successfully.

19:57 Consulting contract for $30,000, not ad implementation.

24:00 Moving up as an ad manager explained.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Financial goals: Aim to reach $100,000 yearly as an ad manager, which is achievable with 5 clients, and transition to ad strategist to gain a significant pay increase.

  2. Finding clients: Use methods like direct outreach, referrals, and networking events to secure clients, and commit to one method for about 45 days to focus and find your first or next client successfully.

  3. Necessary skills: Develop expertise in Meta ads, hone communication skills, and embrace project management tools, bounce-back ability, and willingness to market services.

  4. Progression to ad strategist: Ensure expert-level knowledge in ads and funnels, bring creative ideas and strategies to the table, and focus on targeting higher-level businesses with more ad spending.

  5. Transition to growth consultant: Understand the role and responsibilities of a growth consultant, charging significantly more than ad managers, with earning potential exceeding $250,000 a year by working less than 10 hours per week.

  6. Finding growth consultancy clients: Explore various avenues like speaking at events, masterminds, networking events, and referrals to target higher-level businesses seeking growth consultancy services.

  7. Required attributes: Cultivate expert-level knowledge of digital marketing and advertising, build a strong personal brand and professional network, establish exceptional communication and boundaries, and have the ability to see the big picture.

  8. Agency model considerations: Understand that incorporating the agency model at the ad strategist or growth consultant levels requires a certain level of revenue and profit margin to be viable, prompting strategic decision-making for future business growth.

and so much more. 

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