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217: From Routine to Results: 5 Non-Negotiables That Deliver

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From Routine to Results: 5 Non-Negotiables That Deliver

The Impact of Consistent Daily Habits on Personal and Professional Growth

Have you ever found yourself looking for small changes that can make a significant impact on your personal life or business? In this week’s episode of the podcast, the discussion is centered around the power of incorporating daily non-negotiables that have the potential to transform your life. I share my 5 daily non-negotiables, shedding light on the impact these habits have had on my personal growth, business development, and holistic well-being.

The Origins of 5 Daily Non-Negotiables

To start, I emphasize the origins of my 5 daily non-negotiables, citing inspiration drawn from the book “Buy Back Your Time” by Dan Martell, and the subsequent integration of his concept of daily non-negotiables. I discuss the gradual evolution of my routine, highlighting the significance of small, consistent changes. This section reinforces the idea that being receptive to new habits and willing to adapt them to suit individual needs is crucial for long-term success.

45 Minutes of Movement: Cultivating Physical Well-Being

The first non-negotiable in my daily routine is dedicating 45 minutes to movement. I adjusted this to “45 minutes of movement” to align with my preferences and what works for my life. I underscored the positive impact of incorporating physical activity into my daily schedule, highlighting the diverse ways I integrate movement into my day. This section highlights the importance of physical well-being and how small steps can lead to significant transformations.

Post on Social: Harnessing the Power of Visibility and Connection

For the next non-negotiable habit, I discussed the significance of maintaining a consistent presence on social media. I shared my personal approach to social posting, emphasizing the value of establishing connections and utilizing platforms like Instagram to support my business growth. This section highlights the importance of leveraging social media for visibility and the potential impact it can have on expanding one’s network and client base.

5 Daily Conversations: Building Meaningful Relationships

It’s no secret that networking helps business development, but I specifically talked about the role of implementing meaningful conversations in my routine, particularly in fostering connections and identifying opportunities for collaboration or client acquisition. I highlighted the intention behind each conversation, underscoring the importance of building relationships with individuals that align with my business offerings. This section emphasizes the significance of cultivating authentic, purpose-driven conversations to support business growth.

Journaling or Meditation: Nurturing Mental and Emotional Well-Being

While it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day hustle, I dove into the significance of nurturing mental and emotional well-being through journaling and meditation. I shared my personal experience with integrating these practices into her routine, emphasizing their role in promoting self-reflection, mindfulness, and stress reduction. This section underscores the impact of prioritizing mental and emotional well-being as an integral part of daily habits to improve personal and business goals.

Read 10 Pages of Nonfiction: Cultivating Intellectual Growth

The final non-negotiable habit is the transformative power of reading. Here, I discussed how reading everyday can impact your life, particularly nonfiction, and how it has contributed to my intellectual growth and creativity. I discussed my personal routine of allocating time to read nonfiction before bed and the positive impact it has had on my overall well-being. This section underscores the importance of continuous learning and intellectual stimulation in driving personal and professional growth.

Implementing Your Own 5 Daily Non-Negotiables

I encourage you to consider implementing your own version of 5 daily non-negotiables. I truly believe in the significance of starting with manageable habits and gradually building on them. This section highlights the importance of individualized routines and the potential for tailored non-negotiables to drive personal and professional transformation.


My exploration of my 5 daily non-negotiables provides invaluable insights into the transformative power of consistent habits. By prioritizing physical, mental, and emotional well-being, as well as professional development, you can harness the potential of daily routines to achieve holistic growth. I hope this week’s episode inspires you to introspect and curate your own non-negotiables, fostering a proactive approach to your personal and professional development.

Incorporating these non-negotiables into daily routines can empower you to navigate challenges, cultivate resilience, and thrive in both your personal and professional spheres. To summarize, these small, yet impactful habits have the potential to evoke substantial changes, illustrating the power of routine in driving sustainable growth and success.


Here’s A Glance Of The Episode: 

00:00 5 daily non-negotiables for a successful routine.

03:38 Summary: Exploring 5 daily non negotiables for success.

07:09 Daily non-negotiable: 45 mins movement.

11:57 Organic social can be slower, but Instagram works for growth.

14:16 Engage on Instagram, build relationships, offer support.

18:09 Journal prompts help achieve business and personal goals.

21:00 Reading expands creativity, sparks new ideas.

23:28 Seeking input, urging action, promoting self-improvement.


Key Takeaways:

  1. Small daily habits can transform business and personal life.
  2. The 5 daily non-negotiables include movement, social media posting, conversations, journaling or meditating, and reading nonfiction.
  3. Consistency in these non-negotiables leads to massive impacts.
  4. Building habits starts small and grows gradually and can change both business and personal life.
  5. It’s about a holistic approach to self-care, family, and business.
  6. Brandi adapted certain habits to fit her lifestyle and incorporating non-negotiables makes certain aspects a priority.
  7. Implementing consistent habits changes the way one shows up for themselves, family, and business.

and so much more. 

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