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218: The Game-Changing Funnel For Ad Managers and Their Clients

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The Game-Changing Funnel For Ad Managers and Their Clients

Unlocking the Power of Money-Making Funnels for Ad Managers and Their Clients

In a recent episode of the podcast, we discuss a game-changing strategy for ad managers to elevate their services and provide valuable results for their clients. I emphasize the importance of implementing a money-making funnel, revealing that by doing so, ad managers can charge more, retain clients for longer periods, and make insightful decisions for audience targeting.

Understanding the Client’s Needs

To start, I highlight the critical need for ad managers to understand their client’s requirements and business goals. By doing so, ad managers can effectively communicate the benefits of implementing a money-making funnel. I share my experience working with clients and emphasize the significance of finding a low-ticket offer that ad managers can run ads to. This strategic approach not only helps in capturing an audience of buyers but also covers ad spend and builds a list of potential clients for future high-ticket offers.

The Essence of Money-Making Funnels

The essence of a money-making funnel lies in its ability to generate revenue within a short timeframe. I discuss various types of money-making funnels, including Self-Liquidating Offers (SLO), e-commerce sales, direct-to-sales, tripwire offers, and evergreen webinars. These funnels are designed to break even on ad spend or even cover the ad manager’s fee, showcasing immediate value to the client.

Building Client Value through Money-Making Funnels

I emphasize the significant impact of money-making funnels in showcasing the value of ad managers to their clients. By helping clients implement these funnels, ad managers can demonstrate their expertise in driving immediate results and identifying high-value audiences. This not only solidifies the ad manager’s role but also increases the likelihood of retaining clients for an extended period.

Elevating Ad Management to the Strategist Role

By recommending and implementing the use of money-making funnels, ad managers can transition from technicians to strategists. I urge ad managers to step into the role of strategic advisors, empowering them to guide clients toward success and long-term growth. The shift to a strategist role positions ad managers as invaluable partners in the clients’ business, fostering long-term relationships and client satisfaction.

Exploring the Strategist Society

I share information about the Strategist Society, a program dedicated to helping ad managers and funnel builders transition into the role of strategists. Through The Society, members gain access to exclusive resources and 1-on-1 consulting, equipping them with the tools and knowledge required to excel in their new strategic role. I invite ad managers and digital marketers who are ready to step into the strategist role to connect with me and explore the opportunities offered by The Society.


This week’s episode provides valuable insights into the transformative power of money-making funnels for ad managers and their clients. By understanding the strategic importance of implementing these funnels, ad managers can unlock a new level of value and success in their client relationships. They can transcend from mere technicians to strategic advisors, ultimately propelling their business and that of their clients towards sustainable growth and success.

Ultimately, the implementation of money-making funnels could be the game-changing strategy that catapults ad managers to greater heights, positioning them as indispensable partners in their client’s journey to success.


Here’s A Glance Of The Episode: 

00:00 Business owners and ad managers face frustrations.

04:12 Critical to target buyers, not just leads.

10:23 Goal: Get conversions, differentiate evergreen from live.

14:05 Transition from ad manager to strategist.

15:17 Focus on current strategies for business success.


Key Takeaways:

  1. The key to charging more and retaining clients longer as an ad manager is to implement a money-making funnel for clients that generates revenue within 30 days, making you look desirable and valuable to the client.
  2. Finding the right audience of buyers rather than just generating cheap leads for clients can help create more sustainable income and create a strong strategy for your clients.
  3. It is important to differentiate between money-making funnels and a client’s bread-and-butter revenue generators.
  4. Ad managers can add value by suggesting or creating low-ticket offers for clients’ money-making funnels to cover ad spend and build a list of potential high-ticket buyers.
  5. Implementing money-making funnels for clients can increase the ad manager’s value, client retention, and business consistency.
  6. Ad managers can transition from a technician role to a strategist role by advising and strategizing with clients on money-making funnels and audience targeting.
  7. The Strategist Society is a program focused on helping ad managers and digital marketers transition into strategist roles, providing current strategies and support.

and so much more. 

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