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Serve Scale Soar® Podcast

24: How Brianna Doubled Her Business by Finding Her Community and Changing Her Mindset

Serve Scale Soar Brianna Cortez

Do you need to work on your mindset?  Are you looking for the right community to join to walk with you while building your business?  Are you wondering if subcontracting might be something worth looking into? Do you need to work on streamlining your systems so you can scale?

We are going to cover all of these topics and more on today’s episode with my very good friend, Brianna Cortez!   Brianna and I met when we were in the beginning stages of our business and it’s been so fun to be able to see how much she has grown in her business! 

Brianna is a Facebook ad strategist and through her business Pixel & Delight, she helps online entrepreneurs sell more of their digital products and programs through the power of Facebook and Instagram ads. She is a wife and dog mom based in San Antonio, Texas and loves helping women business owners expand their audience, spread their message, and supercharge their launches with creative and effective ad strategy.

Value Bombs:

  • The importance of finding accountability partners in the beginning of your business 
  • How saying your goals out loud to someone adds an extra layer of accountability
  • How Brianna got started working with an agency 
  • What it’s like working as a subcontractor and the pros and cons involved
  • Working with an agency can open up opportunities to work with clients and work on projects you normally wouldn’t have exposure to when working for yourself
  • The struggle of managing growth in your business, while also providing exceptional service and delivery to your existing clients 
  • The importance of using systems in your business to grow and scale 
  • The two main tools Brianna uses to run her business to make things easier on herself and create an exceptional experience for her clients 
  • The thing that helped Brianna to break through her income plateau
  • The mindset shifts she had to overcome on her discovery calls and how things have changed

Well, what did you think?!   Brianna is amazing, right? She is a true gem and I have been honored to be able to work side by side with her since the early days of her business.   I am now blessed to have her in my Serve Scale Soar membership as well as my Inner Circle mastermind. 

Brianna talks about how important systems, community, and having the right mindsets are for scaling for your business.  If you want to meet more women and entrepreneurs just like you who are scaling their service-based business, I would love for you to sign up for my free training “How to Scale to Consistent $10,000 Months Without Hiring a Team”.  This is a completely free training so make sure to sign up!


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Resources Mentioned: 

Clickup (affiliate link) >>

Dubsado (affiliate link) >>  Use code “serve” to get 20% off 

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Additional Resources:

Don’t forget to sign up for my free training >> How to Scale to Consistent 10K Months Without Hiring a Team 

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